Cheryl cole dating ashley cole again

16-May-2018 19:28

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“I had a tear in my eye when I first saw her,” said Ashley Cole. She just looked so amazing, like a little princess.” For her part his bride Cheryl insisted: “This is the man I am going to have my babies with” and enthused about her new hubby’s “beautiful soul”. The luscious-haired Cheryl this week ended her marriage with a bald “tweet” on the Twitter social website from her management company, ­confirming she had filed for divorce.

“I feel like someone has punched me in the stomach,” Ashley confided to a friend but if the England player expects the world to quizzically ­ponder, “Poor Ashley, whatever could he have done to deserve it? It’s not a difficult question to answer, after all: so, alleged serial philanderer Ashley Cole, why did your lovely wife leave you?

This could easily be dismissed as a case of sour grapes from a man whose own indiscretions had just been exposed.

And for all his claims of claustrophobia Joan occupied a ­separate wing of their house, which if nothing else gives an indication of its size.

H er evident empathy with the contestants, not least because she had so recently been in the same situation as them, endeared her to audiences.

It also took over her life, so much so that when her husband’s sex texts first made headlines she is said to have blamed herself.

She was named winner of the most inspirational woman of the decade title, according to a survey of women this year.

“If it’s worth fighting for then fight,” she was quoted as saying just a ­couple of months ago.

But to be fair to Ashley having your mother-in-law in such close ­proximity, always on hand to take your wife’s side, does sound like many men’s worst nightmare, especially as Cheryl and Joan share an ­undoubtedly close bond.

Last October Cheryl bemoaned that she couldn’t “trust anybody in my life except my mother and my dogs” and ever since Joan brought her up, as one of five children on a ­Newcastle council estate, the pair have been inseparable and more like sisters.

It echoed the title of her recent solo single Fight For This Love.

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Perhaps it was the weight of ­public expectation that finally made up Cheryl’s mind and brought an end to the Cole soap opera.As far as the question of affection was ­concerned only the hardest-hearted judge would suggest that there was never any real love between the couple.

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